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How would you live your life if you could wake up each day knowing there was enough money coming in to cover not only your basic needs but also your goals and dreams? The truth is, a lot of us would keep working, because that’s the way we’re wired.  But we’d do it from a place of joy and abundance. Our work would continue, but the rat race would end. We’d work because we want to, not because we have to. That’s financial freedom.

Tony Robbins, Money: Master The Game

From Tradesman to Multiple 6-Figure Businesses

  • How We Lie To Ourselves

    When I was a Tiler I decided I wanted to be rich. I wanted to own companies, buy crazy cars, own a big house and travel overseas every year and own real estate all over the country. One thing was clear, I had no idea what I was doing. I also listened to the wrong people and found myself slipping further into debt and missing big opportunities to invest. The one challenge I kept coming up against was that I would spend money on "gurus" to learn about property and investing, only for them to tell me “Oh you need about $50k to get started and really succeed” Im 22, where the hell am I getting $50k from? I told myself, "the game was rigged", "the rich keep getting richer" and "you have to have money to make money". My underlaying mindset was, that I didn't believe I deserved to be successful. 

  • My Millionaire Mentor

    I used to hang around the performance car scene. It was there I met my Millionaire Mentor. He was born into wealth and power, and  well I knew how to build race cars. He hired me to work on his AE86 drifter and while doing so I would pick his brain about money. One day he 'invited' me to drive him interstate on a road trip, so I did.  See, what I had in my favour is that I was hungry to learn! I wanted to know everything about creating wealth, so this was like winning the lottery. Part way, he told me he wanted to invest $1,000,000 in a small town somewhere. I stupidly blurted out “You could invest it with me”. His response changed my life! He looked straight at me and said “What would you do if I gave you $1m today?” I looked like a stunned mullet. He continued “Why are you worth investing with, what value could you give me in return?"

  • Time Flexibility and Freedom

    My Millionaire Mentor taught me to be someone worth investing in, that is, being someone that creates value for others. I learned about passive income and using my savings to create more income. The first thing I realised was that I had a savings problem, in other words, I didn’t have any. Over the next 10 years Monica and I created multiple businesses, from Real Estate industry to Mortgage Broker, back to Real Estate and also Direct Selling. Now, we have multiple businesses earning 6 figure incomes, and multiple passive income streams (real ones). PLUS we have successfully renovated and invested in a number of different properties, which is my passion. By getting educated, I am grateful that I have a life of time flexibility and freedom and now I teach others to do the same.

  • Creating The Wealth Wheel

    After 6 years in the Mortgage and Finance industry I had learned a lot from watching how people manage their money. Many Guru's will tell you to cut back on all your expenses and "live within your means". That's great advice for selling books but it didn't match up to my wealthy clients.  I directly watched people work 60 hour weeks and pump all their money into their retirement funds or property portfolio. People were retiring poor, even though they had good jobs and investment properties. That's when I saw it! My wealthy clients were more focused on building income streams than cutting back on spending. They didn't live in poverty today to have a "comfortable" retirement, they created extra income to have an amazing life today!  Based on this, Monica and I create a simple system of creating cash flow and turning it into true wealth just like my Millionaire Mentor and wealthy client do. We named it "The Wealth Wheel"

What is The Wealth Wheel?

The simple concept that teaches you what the super wealthy know about money. This is your opportunity to understand money and learn why Boomers are going backwards and how you can Master your Money. The Wealth Wheel will teach you exactly how to turn you cashflow into true wealth and understand the game like Millionaires do. Once you understand the rules the game gets easier.

Of course you can't learn this overnight, but you can take the first step to having full control over your money and mastering the game.


See most money “gurus” will teach you how to skimp and save every penny and cut back on every expense until you have no life, no friends and massive depression. See, cutting spending might sound great on paper (it sure helps sell books) but, in reality, you have a savings problem not of spending problem and the only way to fix a savings problem is to earn more income.


“Boosting your income trumps cutting back on spending every time!” – Aaron Emerich


This is why I've created a short video series explaining just how The Wealth Wheel works. The four part series will introduce you to the five sectors of the Wealth Wheel that flow together to convert income to true wealth. Delve into your own mindset blockages that are preventing you from moving forward in your journey to success.  


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✔ Intro The Millionaire Mindset.

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Marc Miles

Training and Education Professional

"loving your content Aaron. Been really helping me get my 'mindset' out of the gutter so to speak and help me think bigger and better about my money. I often got trapped into thinking small with my money strategy but you always help me to see options that I hadn't thought of. Thanks Mate."

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